Esprit Games was founded in 2014. The company publishes online games in the Russian-speaking, European and American markets. During the existence of Esprit Games, from a small startup invented by enthusiastic friends, it has turned into a serious company, which occupies a prominent place in the gaming industry. Among us are both professionals with many years of gamedev experience and promising newcomers with burning eyes. And we all have one thing in common: we fanatically and passionately love what we do. We are committed to our business and adhere to the principle of absolute decency with players, colleagues and business partners. We publish games that we play ourselves and always provide quality services to our partners and maximum user support.


We are working with such great developers as Youzu, Nexon, 7Road, GameHollywood, Teamtop, R2Games, Gametrees and have more than 20 games in our line-up.


Our focus is on publishing online games across Russian-speaking, European and U.S. free-to-play markets. Currently our games are available in Russian, English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Italian and Romanian languages.

Dragon Knight RU DE IT Now Italian audience can enjoy Dragon Knight localized
Game of Thrones EN FR PL DE "Game of Thrones" RPG was launched in German, English, French and Polish languages.

50 mln users


HTML-5 games

We have expanded our lineup with H5 and WebGL titles.

Third Age
League of Angels EN DE FR PL IT League of Angels 3 was launched simultaneously on English, German, French, Polish and Italian markets.
Dragon Lord RU FR DE EN PL CZ IT RO SP Now Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Romania can play Dragon Lord in their native languagues.

45 mln users


We entered the majority of the Western markets.

Now our games are available for Italian, Czech, Romanian and Spanish audience.

We continue to promote our games on English-speaking markets, in Poland, France, DACH, but also do not forget to develop our presence in Russia.

Dragon Lord RU FR DE EN PL Expansion of Dragon Lord continues: this project is available in Polish, German and English languages now.


The agreement between Game Hollywood and Esprit Games was signed.

Presence in English speaking and Polish markets was established.

UK, North America and any other market with presence of EN speaking audience, Poland

Dragon Lord RU FR A really legendary Dragon Lord game was localized and launched in Russia and in France!

This title has become the loco of our lineup.

30 mln users


Start of cooperation with HiTalk

The beginning of the expansion to the French-speaking markets.

France, Belgium, French speaking part of Canada

Storm Continent Storm Online was launched in Russia.
Dragonborn RU DE We entered German-speaking markets with Dragonborn game.

20 mln users


The agreement between FeiYin and Esprit Games was signed.

Expansion to the German-speaking markets started.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Dragon Knight Awesome MMORPG Dragon Knight was launched in Russia in partnership with TeamTop.
Dragon Pals
Shadowbound Two amazing titles from R2Games, Shadowbound and Dragon Pals were launched. They are still popular among our audience.

10 mln users


Partnership with R2Games.

Partnership with Rastar (TeamTop).

Knight’s Fable Warfare from Elex and epic Knight's Fable from Youzu were launched on the Russian market.

1 mln users


Partnership with Elex.

Partnership with Youzu.

Esprit Games starts its jorney on June 12, 2014.

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